The Original Treadmill Desk

The legendary treadmill desk from Walkolution. Loved by thousands of fans around the world. Multiple award-winning, motorless and unmatched whisper-silent treadmill with various desk and backrest options. Made from solid beech wood with elastic, shock-absorbing slats for best in class natural walking comfort. Designed and sustainably handcrafted by Walkolution in Germany. Protected by international patents. Lifetime Warranty.

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The Exclusive Walkolution Kybun Edition

The forest floor treadmill with barefoot comfort. The world's first and only manual treadmill with a soft, elastic and springy surface.
Exclusively equipped with the unique structured Kybun® Switzerland's signature surface. Sustainably handmade by Walkolution Germany. Patented worldwide. Lifetime warranty.

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  • Space-Saving Treadmill Desk

    With lockable wheels, effortlessly transport your Walkolution Treadmill Desk to any desired location. Its compact design ensures it fits through any door and into small spaces.

  • A Treadmill Desk for Home and Office

    The silent Walkolution Treadmill seamlessly integrates into any setting. Its motorless operation and exceptionally smooth performance ensure you won't disturb yourself or others.

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  • Walkolution Ära - Treadmill with a Standing Desk

    Featuring an iconic and bold design, the Ära series offers the most stable standing desk on the market.

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  • Build Your Own Treadmill Desk

    Transform your existing height-adjustable sit-to-stand desk into a treadmill desk by adding a Walkolution under-desk treadmill, creating an ergonomic workspace setup tailored to your needs.

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A Quiet Treadmill Desk: Discover the Power of Tranquility.

The rhythmic movement of walking enhances the senses, and the finest ideas frequently emerge during a stroll. Walkolution Treadmill Desks, free from motors, offer more opportunities to experience these invaluable moments of creativity. They emit no electromagnetic radiation and produce none of the disruptive noises associated with traditional treadmills.

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  • Discover how Walkolution is transforming lives. Click here to watch real user stories and see the difference walking while working can make.

A Treadmill Without A Motor

Walkolution symbolizes German engineering at its finest. The Walkolution Standing Desk Treadmill operates without a motor, resulting in zero power consumption and virtually no noise, offering the serene experience of walking naturally.

Elevate Your Office Wellness and Productivity

Beyond home office users, businesses of all sizes globally are adopting Walkolution to craft the perfect workplace, enhancing employee health and productivity in an evolving work environment. Employees have warmly embraced Walkolution, experiencing its enduring benefits.

Walkolution for Companies


Why is a treadmill desk better than a standing desk?

Standing for extended periods is not necessarily better than sitting. No single study justifies the widespread adoption of standing desks. From a medical standpoint, standing desks are not recommended due to potential health issues. Standing for long durations can lead to blood pooling in the legs, causing discomfort, varicose veins, and circulatory problems. Additionally, prolonged standing can result in back pain for many individuals. Switching from sitting to standing all day might only burn as many calories as contained in 1 or 2 apples, making its overall impact on the body minimal. Alternating between sitting and standing isn't significantly beneficial either, as it merely shifts from one physically unfavorable position to another.

Do treadmill desks help you lose weight?

The American Council on Exercise states that an individual weighing 80 pounds can burn approximately 260 calories per hour through walking. Engaging in brisk walking can significantly increase this number. On an average workday, with 6–8 hours of movement, one could easily burn around 1000 calories, equivalent to an entire meal's worth of calories.

So it is possible to loose weight with a treadmill desk, since you can burn calories and lose weight as a consequence.

For Walkolution treadmills, this is particular true, since the Walkolution treadmill functions without a motor, meaning that you have to put in the energy, which results in a higher calorie consumption compared with a normal treadmill.

Why is sitting dangerous?

Humans have been in constant motion for millions of years, as movement was essential for our survival. However, within the last 200 years, our world has changed so drastically that physical activity has become an optional leisure pursuit. Individuals who sit for eight or more hours daily for work significantly increase their risk of almost all diseases of civilization. This includes not just back pain, but also increased risks of heart attack, stroke, cancer, and diabetes. Moreover, those leading a sedentary lifestyle often face cognitive limitations and are at a higher risk of depression and dementia. Discover more about this topic in our knowledge section.

What are the advantages of the manual non-electric Walkolution over conventional motorized treadmills?

Less noise
The manual Walkolution treadmill operates almost silently, enabling distraction-free use in quiet workspaces. In contrast, electric treadmills generate noise from both the belt sliding across the surface and the motor.

Natural walking

Walkolution treadmills allow for intuitive speed adjustments, supporting varied pacing, spontaneous leaning back, or standing. This flexibility is essential for distraction-free use throughout the day. Electric treadmills, however, require walking at a constant, preset speed, leading to fatigue and distraction.

No follow up costs
Without a motor, the Walkolution treadmill incurs no additional costs. An electric treadmill used daily can lead to annual electricity costs between 500 and 1000 Euros.

No maintenance and lifetime warranty

Walkolution treadmills require no maintenance and are built for daily, unlimited use. Their components are designed to endure decades of daily use without issue. Electric treadmills, by comparison, often overheat, require frequent oiling and belt adjustments, and may reach a usage limit over time, leading to motor damage or annoying noises.

In this video, you find a detailed look on the two available treadmill desk types.

What is the maximum number of hours per day you should spend sitting?

Sitting is an essential part of daily life, crucial for rest periods. However, the prevalent balance should be inverted: movement ought to be the norm, with sitting as the exception. Numerous scientific studies advocate for a 75% movement to 25% sitting ratio. Spread throughout the day, this suggests limiting sitting to no more than 3-4 hours daily, inclusive of meal times and leisure sitting.

Is it hard to type on a treadmill desk?

No, because the upper body remains stable while walking, and the pace on a treadmill desk is generally slow. The ability to set and continuously adjust your own pace on a Walkolution treadmill (unlike on an electric, motorized treadmill) is particularly beneficial. Adaptation usually takes just a few minutes. We've observed customers, including authors, who have written entire books while walking. Research indicates that walking and typing simultaneously is entirely feasible, with accuracy levels being experimentally tested and documented.

We have compiled further studies that examine various aspects of office work on treadmill desks on this overview page.

Is it possible to concentrate while walking?

Yes, enhancing mental performance is a key reason behind the development of Walkolution, alongside other health benefits associated with increased movement. The brain is among the organs that gain significantly from light physical activity. Extensive research supports this, demonstrating that concentration and attention improve with walking compared to sitting or standing. Essentially, walking doesn't demand multitasking; it's more akin to breathing.

So, the answer is a resounding yes: you can definitely work on a treadmill desk and concentrate at the same time. In fact, many people find that treadmill desks are a great option for effective work. Working on a treadmill desk also increases productivity by making you more alert and letting your brain think better.

Many users have recorded improved levels of focus and felt more energized when working on a treadmill desk.

Does the Walkolution treadmill make noise?

The Walkolution Treadmill Desk operates at a whisper-quiet level, with its average noise output being less than 34dB. Engineered in Germany to function without a motor, it's designed to prevent distractions, even in serene settings like libraries and open offices. This ensures that using the treadmill at work won't disturb you or those around you.

See here for a live test with decibel measurement.

Is regular maintenance necessary?

No, the Walkolution Treadmill Desk is not motorized, and all its moving components, including the industrial-grade ball bearings, are crafted with utmost precision, eliminating the need for maintenance. Traditional treadmills frequently reach a load limit and necessitate regular upkeep to avoid or mend motor or belt issues. Walkolution products, built for durability, are designed to withstand daily and intensive use throughout a lifetime.

How long is the manufacturer's warranty?

Lifetime. Our mission is to create the world's finest treadmill workstation desk, offering you an enjoyable experience every day for a lifetime. This commitment extends beyond product quality, contributing positively to environmental sustainability. Please be aware that our Signature Lifetime Warranty is an exclusive service for original Walkolution customers only. The warranty is non-transferable and does not apply to previously owned Walkolution treadmills. Discover more about Walkolution's lifetime warranty.

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