Our Mission

Fighting Sitting Disease

We are all descendents of hunters and gatherers. Our bodies are perfectionized and designed to be in active motion, most of the day. Sitting in an office chair from 9 to 5 has never been part of our genomic plan and ruins our health.

Walking is the Best Medicine

Walkolution founder Dr. Eric Söhngen has witnessed the desperate battle, which our health care systems are fighting against chronic diseases throughout his career as a former senior physician and researcher first hand. He believes that this battle will not be won with yet more medications, but by the acceptance of movement as a basic human right and as a sheer necessity.

A Real World Alternative to Sitting

We are developing active workplace concepts for modern health-conscious individuals and organizations. Not only to prevent the harmful effects of sitting, but also to humanize the office and make it a place in which people love to come every day.

Originating from our roots, we continue to engage in clinical and experimental research in order to prove the benefits of an active work environment for the prevention and therapy of chronic diseases and its positive effects on mood, performance and creativity.


Dr. Eric Söhngen, MD, FAWM
Founder & CEO

Frank Ackermann
Founder & CTO

Based in the Heart of Europe


Headquartered in Germany and Switzerland, Walkolution products are made, assembled and shipped worldwide out of our factory in Bavaria, Germany.


Wiesenbronn (Germany)
Gewerbestrasse 1
97355 Wiesenbronn

Zurich (Switzerland)
Hafnerstrasse  31
8005 Zurich