Our Mission
Creating Healthy Workspaces

We are all descended from hunter-gatherers. Our bodies are perfectly designed to be in active motion most of the day. Sitting in an office chair from 9 to 5 has never been part of our genomic plan, and it is very bad for our health. Movement is a basic human right – in fact, it is a sheer necessity for mental performance and long-term health. We make it happen.

A Real World Alternative to Sitting

Our business is the development of active workplace concepts for modern, health-conscious individuals and organisations – not only to prevent the harmful effects of sitting, but also to humanise the office, and make it a place people love to come to every day.

Working from the roots up, we continue to engage in clinical and experimental research, in order to prove the benefits of an active work environment, to prevent the need for the therapy of chronic diseases, and to make the most of the positive effects they have on the mood, performance and creativity of the employees.


Dr. Eric Söhngen, MD, FAWM
Founder & CEO

Recognising that the medical system actually does not have much to offer for the vast majority of patients suffering from civilisation or chronic diseases, other than alleviating the symptoms, Eric interrupted his career as a senior medical doctor to found Walkolution.

His aim is to develop a true preventive concept, in order to avoid and treat the diseases associated with physical inactivity and lack of movement, which are so prominent in most modern societies.

He also believes that, by being forced into inactivity when sitting down, human beings unknowingly miss out on their greatest cognitive and creative potential, at the very place where they could benefit from innovative thoughts the most – the place where they work or study.

Together with a distinguished team of renowned experts in the fields of ergonomics, neurosciences, evolutionary biology and the life sciences, he is committed to transforming today’s workplaces and educational institutions into environments that promote health and creativity, with scientifically-based concepts that also live up to their promises in real-life situations.

Eric is a board-certified specialist physician and holds a doctorate in neuronal stem cell physiology from the Technical University of Munich (TUM). He is the author of the book Death by Sitting – why we need a movement revolution.


Frank Ackermann
Founder & CTO

Frank joined Walkolution in the very early days of the company. He is fully committed to the company’s mission to create the next generation of healthy workspaces.

As the founder and CEO of the Ackermann GmbH, a leading company in the furniture and interior design industry, with more than 13.000 m² of production area and 120 employees, Frank has created a well-established and renowned innovation hub of international scope, with iconic installations around the globe.



Walkolution in 3 minutes

Designed, Developed and Made in Germany

All our products are designed and manufactured in our own manufacturing facilities near Würzburg, Germany and shipped from there to private, institutional and business customers around the world. We operate own showrooms in Munich, Zurich and Oslo and cooperate with major furniture resellers.