Walking while working – healthier and more effective

Steve Jobs was known for his Walk-Meetings and most of us have probably made the experience, that a lot of good ideas come to our minds while we are walking. Paradoxically, a majority of the time of the workday in which we are supposed to be the most creative and effective, is still spent sitting in front of our desks. The Bavarian Startup Walkolution has rethinked the office of the future from scratch and is presenting its innovative WALK AND WORK series at this year’s Medica.

An active office space – made possible by smart engineering

Walkolution has developed a revolutionary and health enhancing workplace system, that enables its users for the first time ever to work silently on a gravity driven treadmill whilst still enabling them to fully concentrate on the work in front of them. The patented system works without electricity, which allows for an intuitive control of the walking speed.

„Offices must be adapted in a way that acknowledges our genetically imprinted need for activity as a basic requirement for the preservation of our health and as a condition for achieving high level intellectual performance.“ says Dr. Eric Soehngen, senior physician and one of the two co-founders of Walkolution. „We have made it our goal to create the healthiest workspace in the world to provide our users an unseen vital experience every day.“

A company with high ambitions on the road to success

Walkolution is nominated for the Bavarian Innovation Award and was voted one of the 20 most promising Startups of Bavaria by the Bavarian Future Council. Furthermore, Walkolution is an official partner of the German Ministry of Education and Science as part of the program „Workplaces of the Future“. Innovative small companies, global leaders, university libraries and countless private clients employ Walkolution products for their health benefits.

Health’s digitalization in cooperation with GARMIN

In close co-operation, GARMIN and Walkolution have developed an innovative solution which enables the user to track and analyze their activity within an intuitive application. In addition, the application combines the recorded activities from Walkolution with the rest of the user’s activity throughout the day.

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