Move your mind – creative thinking empowered by walking

WALKOLUTION co-hosted a workshop with Tobias Greissing from the Center for Digital Innovation (ZDI Mainfranken) on the subject of visual thinking and visual talk as a tool for modern project management. Utilizing the WORK AND WALK series, we could demosntrate that gentle motion as while using our walking desks provides a shortcut to creative thinking and concentration.


A healthy mind resides in a healthy body

While the most famous proponent of integrating walk-meetings into creative working processes was Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, most people working with idea finding knows about the positive impact of physical activity on creativity and mental performance. A company with high ambitions on the road to success

Thoughts needs physical space to flow

During the creative journey the next generation treadmill desk from Walkolution was used as a productivity tool by the participants. A prerequisite is the intuitive walking experiences, which the system provides without electricity and without any noise creation. Creative and productive ideas are facilitated during light physical engagement. First time users of the Walkolution system reported, that their ability to remain concentrated over time was markedly enhanced. ZDI’s event planner Annette Burger even went as far as pronouncing it the most productive workshop event she had seen in that field.

Walking towards a substantial change

We hope that all of today’s participants will carry the creative drive from our healthy workspace with them to their daily lives and remember the inevitable connection between moving and unfolding their mental potential. Our ongoing aim is to improve people’s lives by enabling their minds to thrive and protecting their long term health equally.

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