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WORK AND WALK Series – Product Brochure 2019


Pure is the entry-level device for an active office. It can be used in combination with an existing height-adjustable desk or conference table. Patents pending.


The Dynamic model features a detachable desk. It is the perfect choice for use in flexible office environments or creative think tanks. Patents pending.


The Performance series features a height-adjustable desk. Suitable for both individual workplaces and flexible office environments. Patents pending.


The Dynamic Plus model features a detachable desk and a detachable backrest. Ideal for switching intuitively between work modes within an overall flexible setup. Patents pending.


The Performance Plus series feature a height adjustable desk and a detachable backrest. Patents pending.


Our most advanced system for building the ultimate workplace. Combining the best of all worlds, with a height adjustable desk, a backrest and a seat option. Patents pending.

Desk Accessoires Collection

Desk Accesories Collection –
The 360 Degrees  Armrests

The 360-degree, free-rotating armrests are true masterpieces of German engineering and design, which provide the ultimate ergonomic work experience while walking.

Desk Accesories Collection –
The Declining Tilt Tray

Instead of the popular, widely-known upward-tilted keyboard tray, this genuine design, with a negative declining angle instead, allows for a much more comfortable position of the hands and wrists while working and walking.

Desk Accesories Collection –
Advanced Cable Mangement

As long as we need cables, we should find ways to hide them as best as we can. Walkolution’s Advanced Cable Management system provides smart, accessible storage for all cables, to ensure a neat workspace experience.