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360-degree armrests

The forearm pads can be perfectly positioned as desired by the user, and they allow for fatigue-free working with optimum comfort. They are the ideal choice for all users who have to do a lot of typing or fine motor tasks.

Subsequent retrofitting to existing desks is also possible.

(Available for DYNAMIC and PERFORMANCE models and most other desks.)

449 EUR 

Ergonomic keyboard / notebook tray

To achieve optimum positioning of the arms and wrists while standing or walking, a forward-sloping angle of the keyboard or notebook is advantageous. The optionally available, continuously adjustable element in the middle area of the desk now makes this possible. Comparable with the hand position of a pianist when playing the piano, it increases the feeling of stability when working while walking, and at the same time, it protects the superficial structures in the area of the wrist, reducing the stress on the carpal tunnel.

If a notebook is used in conjunction with one or more external monitors, lowering the notebook will also result in optimal positioning, ensuring a clear view of the external screen(s). In this way, an external keyboard becomes unnecessary, and the notebook display can be utilised as an additional screen area.

(Available for PERFORMANCE models.)

299 EUR 

Smart cable management system

The optionally available cable management system enables the concealed routing of the cables, while maintaining optimum accessibility.

The fast and easy access to the extra wide cable tray allows fast and uncomplicated plugging and unplugging of power supplies and cables, which are carried on a daily basis. The long cable snake covers the incoming power cable and ensures a clean appearance of the workplace.

(Available for DYNAMIC and PERFORMANCE models.)

329 EUR 

All prices are in net plus VAT and shipping costs.

All products have a 24-month manufacturer’s warranty.


Maintenance free

All components are designed for a daily continuous load and require no maintenance.

Made in Germany

Walkolution products are manufactured with industrial precision at our in-house production in Bavaria, Germany.


All Walkolution products have an extensive warranty of 24 months.

Sustainable design

We only use FSC certified raw materials from sustainable forestry.