Emmy Winner Emilia Clarke to Feature Walkolution in Upcoming Hollywood Movie

Emmy Winner Emilia Clarke to Feature Walkolution in Upcoming Hollywood Movie

We're thrilled to announce that a Walkolution  treadmill desk will be prominently featured in an upcoming Hollywood blockbuster, starring none other than the talented Emilia Clarke!


Hollywood's Newest Sci-Fi Blockbuster Features Walkolution's Treadmill Desk as the Office of the Future

Known for her groundbreaking performances, Emilia's latest role will showcase her using the Walkolution treadmill throughout various scenes in the film.


Synopsis of "The Pod Generation."

In "The Pod Generation," society finds itself infatuated with technology, and a tech giant known as Pegazus offers couples an unprecedented opportunity to share their pregnancies via detachable artificial wombs or pods. The film follows Rachel and Alvy as they embark on a wild ride to parenthood in this brave new world.


The Office of the Future:

Emilia Clarke's character, Rachel, works in a bustling New York office, which represents the epitome of modern corporate life in the near future. Set in a world where tech-savvy innovations dominate every aspect of life, the movie explores how cutting-edge technology shapes not only our homes and personal lives but also our work environments.

 Emilia Clarke with Walkolution Treadmill Desk in The Pod Generation Movie


Enter Walkolution

As a symbol of the office of the future, the Walkolution treadmill desk takes center stage during pivotal scenes in the movie. Emilia Clarke's character, Rachel, finds herself engrossed in her high-tech office. The Walkolution treadmill desk stands out as a revolutionary solution for maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle even while at work.

 Emilia Clarke with Walkolution Treadmill Desk in The Pod Generation Movie

Walkolution: A Vision of the Future:

The inclusion of Walkolution in "The Pod Generation" highlights our commitment to creating an office culture that values health, productivity, and creativity. As technology continues to revolutionize the way we work and live, the treadmill desk becomes an embodiment of a future where individuals can take charge of their health without compromising their professional ambitions.

In the world of "The Pod Generation," where detachable artificial wombs and other advanced technologies reign, Walkolution's treadmill desk serves as a reminder of the importance of staying connected to the essence of humanity—our physical well-being and movement.

We are thrilled that "The Pod Generation" has chosen Walkolution to represent the office of the future and that Emilia Clarke has become an advocate for healthy workplace habits. We hope this movie will inspire a generation of forward-thinking individuals to reimagine the way we approach work and well-being in the coming years.

Make sure to catch "The Pod Generation" in theaters soon and keep an eye out for Walkolution's star appearance! Together, let's step into a healthier, more active future!

The movie "The Pod Generation" will be officially released on August 11, 2023.


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