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Walkolution builds learning environment of the future

To think about the solution of a problem, one naturally walks up and down. The best ideas often come to you when you go for a walk. Paradoxically, however, pupils and students traditionally spend most of their learning time sitting down - precisely when they should be most cognitively efficient. The Bavarian start-up Walkolution puts an end to this and shows what the learning world of the future can look like. The WALK AND WORK series of Walkolution GmbH is exhibited at the didacta 2020 trade fair in hall B6.D10 and offers an insight into the new possibilities of future-oriented and healthy workplace design.

Being active at school - possible thanks to smart engineering

Walkolution has developed a revolutionary health-promoting learning workstation that now makes it possible to walk silently on a gravity-driven treadmill while studying, while at the same time being able to work with concentration. The patented system works without electricity, which allows the user to adjust his own walking speed intuitively and according to the situation.

"Today's learning environments must be redesigned in such a way that the human need for movement is generally accepted as a basic prerequisite for maintaining health and achieving mental performance at a high level" says Dr. med. Eric Söhngen, senior medical doctor and one of the two founders of Walkolution. "With our products, we want to lay the foundations for the school and office of the future."

A company with high ambitions on the road to success

Walkolution has been nominated for the German Founder's Prize and was named one of the most promising start-ups by the Future Council of the Bavarian Business Association. Furthermore, Walkolution acts as a partner company of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research within the framework of the project "Working Worlds of the Future". Public institutions, well-known large companies, such as DHL, Bayer and IBM and also university libraries are already using Walkolution workstations successfully to offer their employees and students a vital and intellectually stimulating work experience.

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