More physical activity reduces the risk of dying of cancer

More physical activity reduces the risk of dying of cancer

A study published in JAMA Oncology on June 18, 2020 showed that active people who exercise more during the day have a lower overall risk of developing and dying of cancer.

The study included a total of 8000 subjects who had not been diagnosed with cancer at baseline. They were then equipped with motion sensors that they wore on their hips and recorded their activity throughout the day.

A follow-up study was then conducted five years later. This showed that less movement was associated with a higher risk of dying of cancer. The more movement the subjects had, the lower was their risk. Especially those who sat the most, that means 11 hours per day, had a dramatically increased risk of dying of cancer of 82% compared to those who were sitting the least.

About the Author 

Eric Soehngen
Eric Soehngen, M.D., Ph.D. is a German physician and specialist in Internal Medicine. With his company Walkolution, he battles the negative health effects that sitting has on the human body. 

Walkolution develops ergonomically optimized treadmill desks, which help to bring more movement into the daily work routine in the office or home office.

Photo credit: National Cancer Institute

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