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    Experience Walkolution for 30 days and see how an active life can revolutionize your lifestyle and well-being.

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    Your Walkolution Treadmill workstation can be up and running in minutes and setup is a breeze.

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    If it's not for you, no problem. We'll pick it up and refund your money - no questions asked.


Your Benefits


Find the perfect spot in your home or office for the ultimate walking work experience.


Perform everything you normally do while sitting and experience the difference while walking.


Experience the positive feelings provided by increased movement! You will be convinced of the excellent workmanship of this product.

"You can't feel walking during video conferences... Typing on the laptop keyboard works without any problems. A Walkolution is a very good investment and worth every euro!"

Kathrin, Walkolution customer from Switzerland


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Do you have any further questions?

These videos have information concerning product choice, delivery, packaging, and instructions on assembling the product quickly and easily.

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Can I test the treadmill normally within the 30 days?

You have up to 30 days from the delivery date to try your Walkolution treadmill at home or in your office. If you wish to return your order, we must pick up the treadmill in mint condition. Of course, you can test the treadmill extensively. Slight signs of wear and tear are normal. You will receive a full refund after we receive the returned product.

Do you offer company employee benefits?

Yes, we are a member of Mitarbeiterbenefits.de and Corporate Benefits. If your company is a member of these employee advantage portals, you can purchase Walkolution as a private customer at reduced prices. Corporate customers also receive a 10% discount when purchasing 3 or more products. More information can be found in the section Walkolution for Companies.

Will I also be reimbursed for the return costs?

The shipment of the goods to you is free of charge. You must pay the return shipping costs yourself when you send the item back. Due to the postage and shipping costs, these amount to a flat rate of 199€ in Germany and 399€ in the rest of Europe. Alternatively, you can order the return yourself or bring the shipment to us free of charge. For the return of products from outside the European Union, you must pay the return shipping costs yourself. The amount of the costs varies depending on the location.

Does the offer also apply to business customers?

Yes, we offer the 30-day trial for private and business customers.

Does the 30-day trial start on the order date or on the delivery date?

Of course, with the delivery date. You will enjoy a full month of testing at your place.

When do I pay for my order?

Payment of the purchase amount is due when the order is placed and will be refunded when the item is returned.

How do I arrange collection for a return?

To start a return call our support team on +49 322 2185 3977 or send an email at info@walkolution.com