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Walkolution Desk Attachment

Walkolution Desk Attachment

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Desk Width

Practical and extremely stable standing desk attachment that can be mounted on the handrail of the Walkolution under desk treadmill without tools. Available in 2 sizes. Infinitely adjustable in depth. Same material as the treadmill.


Detailed description

The Wanderlust table top was born from the idea that a mobile workspace could also be moveable within itself, allowing you to change your workspace quickly and easily. To ensure full mobility, the small version of the Wanderlust table has a width of 77 cm, so that it fits together with the treadmill through doors that are often only 80 cm wide. Experience also shows that this width is perfectly adequate for most users, because despite the compact size, it offers space for the most commonly used items, such as a laptop and an external monitor. The larger version offers a width of 110 cm more space, which is ideal when, for example, multiple monitors are to be used or when more space is needed for documents and more. A unique and very practical feature is the possibility of being able to continuously adjust the depth of the table. This means that the correct distance from the table can be maintained at all times, even when you lean against the backrest with your back.The bracket is designed in such a way that the table top can be removed quickly and without tools. This is a great advantage, for example, if the treadmill is also used for sports in addition to work. Info: This is the desk that comes with the MTD700R WANDERLUST SERIES. Compatibility:- WALKOLUTION MT300 (also requires the handrail, sold separately)- WALKOLUTION MTD800 and MTD900 ERA (also requires the handrail, sold separately)- WALKOLUTION MT900 (also requires the handrail, sold separately)

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Width 75 cm oder 110 cm
Depth 66 cm
16,5 kg (75 cm), 21,3 kg (110 cm)

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