Walkolution announces the partnership with Woodway WALKOLUTION

Walkolution Announces Strategic Partnership with Woodway USA, Inc.

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Walkolution Announces Strategic Partnership with Woodway USA, Inc.

[Wiesenbronn] – Walkolution GmbH has officially formed a strategic partnership with Woodway USA, Inc. 

The strategic partnership includes the distribution of Walkolution products by Woodway in North and South America; distribution of certain Woodway products by Walkolution in markets outside of North and South America; and a strategic patent alliance and cooperation in research and development to achieve and defend global technology leaderships in the treadmill and training equipment segment.

Eric Weber, Director of Sales and Marketing for Woodway USA, states, “We believe, particularly in light of the recent pandemic, that expanding our offering with Walkolution will reinforce our commitment to healthy lifestyles and improving movement for numerous market segments. Our partnership with Walkolution provides a solution for corporate, multi-residential, resort/hotel segments that want to provide these opportunities to employees, residents, and other end-users.”

Dr. Eric Soehngen, CEO of Walkolution, comments: "With this strategic partnership, we aim to massively strengthen our presence in the North and South American market by making our product range accessible to Woodway's extensive network of private, corporate, and government customers. Furthermore, with the integration of certain Woodway products into the Walkolution product portfolio, we will be able to offer our performance-oriented customers high-intensity training solutions coupled with Walkolution´s award-winning signature design. Finally, we are also together pursuing the intention of becoming the definitive leader in the high-end treadmill segment to deliver population-wide and much needed solutions to the problems of sedentary lifestyles.“


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Woodway is a state-of-the-art treadmill manufacturer specializing in custom, hand-built treadmills for over 40 years. With innovation and performance at its forefront, Woodway has been an industry leader in fitness training, medical rehabilitation, and the uppermost echelons of human performance. 

For more information about Woodway, please visit https://www.woodway.com/.

Walkolution GmbH is the German-based high-tech manufacturer and the company behind the revolutionary treadmill desk series. The company's vision is a world in which everyone can be healthy and active instead of being forced into a sedentary lifestyle that carries high long-term risks to physical and mental health. Launched in 2017, the silent and motorless Walkolution treadmill is sold in over 45 countries to a broad and diverse customer base, including home office users, corporate and education customers, and fitness, medical, and government clients. Walkolution´s proprietary technology is protected by international patents.

The company was founded by Eric Soehngen, a Senior Medical Doctor, and the industrialist Frank Ackermann. All products are manufactured in Walkolution's environmentally certified, high-tech factory in Bavaria, Germany.

For more information about Walkolution, please visit https://walkolution.com/

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