• How to Optimize Work & Health Like a Tech CEO

    Explore how Thomas, the CEO of Centigrade, a tech-company uses Walkolution’s non-electric treadmill desks to optimize work and health in his professional and personal life.

  • Walking away from Diabetes.

    Meet Øyvind Mo, a dedicated software developer and father, as he shares his transformative journey with diabetes using the Walkolution under-desk treadmill.

  • 15 Years of Sitting Regrets

    After spending 15 years trapped in a cycle of sedentary workdays, Ralf discovered he was living every professional's worst nightmare: chronic back pain, decreased productivity, and a sinking feeling of regret. But then, everything changed.

  • Maximize My Mind & Muscle

    Join Dr. Valentina Pauna, a sustainability scientist and dedicated athlete, as she shares her journey how she boosts both her physical endurance and mental focus.

  • How I Balance My WFH Life with Walkolution

    Witness the transformative journey of a work-from-home dad who discovers the perfect balance in his professional and personal life with the help of a Treadmill Desk from Walkolution.

  • Sick of Chairs - An Engineer´s Perspective.

    Join Kira, a 25-year-old software engineer in the education sector, as she shares her transformative journey with Walkolution’s manual desk treadmill.

  • A Composer's Journey: The Art of Treadmill Desk Composing

    Embark on an extraordinary journey with a talented multi-instrumentalist who dares to redefine the essence of music composition and practice.

  • Prof. Robert Schleip's Under Desk Treadmill Experience

    As a world leading fascia researcher in online teaching, Dr. Schleip discovered the power of integrating movement into his work routine through the innovative use of our walking treadmill.

  • Walkolution test in the magazine "Gut zu Wissen" on BR

    Research teams from the universities of Bayreuth and Regensburg have developed suggestions as to how office workers can incorporate more movement into their days. This issue of the magazine "Gut zu Wisse" features Walkolution's manual treadmill desk.

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  • Entertaining report of a 17 year old student

    With a lot of talent and creativity, Alice tells us about her experiences with her Walkolution and how the treadmill helped her to prepare for her final exams.

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  • Detailed test Ära series by Chris Spiegl

    Podcast expert Chris Spiegl independently tests the MTD800R ÄRA and reports on his experiences with Walkolution. He also provides inspiration for an optimal productivity setup.

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  • Comparison Classic Walkolution vs. Kybun by Chris Spiegl

    Chris Spiegl reviews the Walkolution Kybun and compares his own experience with the classic Walkolution edition, including using the treadmills for running and more.

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  • Product comparison and purchase advice

    Which Walkolution is right for you? Our treadmill desks explained in detail.

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  • Dimensions & Sizes

    In this video you will learn the exact dimensions, adjustment ranges and different size options.

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  • Packaging and delivery

    In this video you can see how the Walkolution treadmill is delivered and packed.

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  • Assembly

    See how the Walkolution treadmill can be set up quickly and easily by anyone in just a few minutes.

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Manual vs. Electric Treadmill Desks