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Sitting is the new smoking.

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Introducing the workplace of the future.

Walk into the flow zone.

An unparalleled vital experience is waiting right at your desk. Walking is a shortcut to unleashing your potential and creativity. In addition, movement keeps you in shape and prevents the development of negative side effects associated with prolonged sitting.

Whisper Silent

We believe the best walking or treadmill desk is the one that you forget while you are using it – one that allows you to immerse yourself in your work! We designed the Walkolution system from scratch, to blend perfectly into the offices and individual workspaces of today, without distracting you or anybody else.

Zero Electricity

The manual slatted belt design lets you adapt your walking speed naturally, with every single step, without you even having to think about it, and without any buttons to press. This unique feature enables the most intuitive walking experience you will find.

Flexible Like You

Modern office concepts must make continuous change possible. The Walkolution system was engineered with exactly that in mind. The treadmill desk can easily be moved around the office, allowing for spontaneous redesigning, even on a daily basis.

A Blessing for the Environment

Our patented non-electric mechanism doesn’t result in any emissions during use. This is not only great for the environment, but it also saves electricity every day, compared to using a conventional treadmill for extended periods every day.

Built for human beings.

How Tomorrow Works.

The Walkolution system is the premier option for modern, shared working spaces, conference rooms, libraries and other public facilities. We offer turnkey solutions that require minimal maintenance. Components can also be customised to blend perfectly with your existing infrastructure and interior design.

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Make 9 to 5 work for you.

A win-win situation for employers and employees alike

Walkolution provides tailored solutions, with both purchase and financing options, for organizations of all sizes. Solid research proves that active workplace environments not only boost performance, employee satisfaction and creativity. They also significantly reduce absenteeism.

Improve Productivity

A better blood flow to the brain and being up on your feet dramatically enhances alertness and performance levels throughout the day.   

Reduce Absenteeism

Sick leave due to back pain, is the leading reason for absence from the workplace.

Create Satisfaction

Begin each work day with the good feeling, that you will have done something for your health by the time you leave the office.

Engineered for the office of the future.

No noise. No electricity. Just focus.

Your work requires relentless focus. A calm and clean workspace environment is the centerpiece for every achievement. While walking gentle and noiseless, working becomes effortless and lightweight.

Go for it – all day long.

Create a place, in which you love to come every day.

Back to nature. In style.

Sustainable design for generations.

There are three criteria for every material we use: Built to last, made without harming our environment and looking great. Our iconic wood origins from FSC certified local forestries and all moving parts are made of industrial grade steel to last for generations to come.

Track your journey

Tracking powered by GARMIN

Health quantified. In close cooperation with GARMIN, the leading company in the area of wearable tracking devices, we constantly work on ways to provide Walkolution users and corporate health architects with convenient ways to quantify activity data, use it for incentive programs, gamification and more. Compatible with all GARMIN products and apps.

Activate Your Workplace.

Variety makes the difference

Humans need variety in their daily work. Subconsciously, while working, you change naturally between walking, standing, leaning and optionally sitting. This fluid change makes it easy to stay active all day long. It is essential to reduce the number of hours of sitting to less than 2 to a maximum of 4 hours.


Many people do not sit at all. The human body is perfectly capable of doing this. Over millions of years we have walked on average 15 – 20 km each day. This is more than the 10,000 steps that many of us target as a daily step goal.

Work while walking.

Your workspace – reinvented

Based on the latest medical research, the Walkolution treadmill desks are engineered and optimised for zero distraction and seamless integration into any office environment.

We didn’t set out to transform the office into a gym – think of walking at your desk as taking a stroll through the park or a relaxed walk on the beach. No sweat and no special shoes required.

Boost your performance

It is not a surprise that the best ideas come while you are walking. The human brain flourishes when the body is in a state of moderate, effortless movement. Walking is one of the best-known ways to reduce stress and boost your creativity and alertness.   

Get into phenomenal shape

Even exercising for one hour every day doesn’t undo the harmful effects of sitting for the rest of the day. With the Walkolution system under your desk, you reach the recommended 10,000 steps by lunchtime. Say goodbye to excess weight and back pain. You will never want to go back to sitting.

No Sweat

Being active on a Walkolution treadmill desk will not make you sweat or get exhausted. The average walking speed is about 1-2 km/h (1 mile/h). Such slow movement rather relaxes your muscles than getting you out of breath, but it will still burn three times more calories, compared to sitting or standing.

Friendly to all types of shoes

All components, including the highly durable belt system were engineered with all types of shoes in mind. No special gear is required, and many of our users even find walking barefoot works perfectly.


Death By Sitting – Why We Need A Movement Revolution

Sitting for extended periods of time in an office chair day after day has never been part of our genomic imprint. The fact that this has become the status quo is wreaking havoc on our physical health and making us unhappy.

The need for movement has been hardwired within our innate composition. Evolution has shaped humans into the ultimate predator, able to move quickly and efficiently in order to hunt and gather and covering substantial distances over time. It is only in recent history that physical effort and stamina have become pursuits of personal interest or leisure.

Scientific findings over the past decade overwhelmingly echo a powerful message: sitting not only weakens the musculoskeletal system – causing chronic and sometimes debilitating pain – it heavily increases one’s risk for diabetes, overweight, heart disease, stroke and cancer, while affecting our cognitive and mental health, and making us more susceptible to depression and dementia. And, contrary to popular belief, daily exercise is unable to counteract the ill effects of a sedentary lifestyle.

In a comprehensible and accessible format, Death by Sitting explains with scientific accuracy exactly how sitting has become “the new smoking”.

Written by Walkolution Founder and CEO.
All revenues from this book are donated to the advancement of exoskeletons.

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