Walkolution is part of the AutoDesk Tech Impact Programm

Walkolution now part of AutoDesk Tech Impact Program

"We are thrilled to announce that WALKOLUTION is now officially part of the Autodesk Technology Impact Program. Through AutoDesk's Technology Impact Program, we can access their powerful software range to drive greater impact and speed up our mission", says Dr. Eric Söhngen, CEO at Walkolution.
Frank Ackermann, Co-Founder and CTO states "We use various programs from Autodesk. For example, we are planning the complex control of our CNC machines and milling robots with Autodesk Inventor. The digital integration of our production facilities thus achieves a new level of precision. One of the biggest advantages is the parametric setup, which allows us to exchange components very quickly."
See how Walkolution is using AutoDesk to produce it´s next generation Treadmill Desks.
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