Walkolution expands to Scandinavia

Walkolution expands to Scandinavia

Oslo, Norway — March, 25th 2019 — German workspace health company, Walkolution has ramped up efforts and announced its expansion into the Nordic markets. Walkolution, who was just selected to join the prestigious global impact-driven Katapult Accelerator ́s fourth cohort based in Oslo, will seek to scale and grow its business while sealing new partnerships across the region.

While based in Oslo, its core team will focus on gaining traction in the Nordics, kicking off in Norway, and continue to build its operational base to scale globally.

Walkolution has a simple yet radical and ambitious goal; to remove chairs from offices and replace them with walking treadmills ensuring that employees get the movement they need to stay healthy, let their creative juices flow and maintain efficiency during the work day. The Walkolution team will tap into Katapult ́s global network of investors, industry partners and policymakers in order to reach out to the global corporate health community and ensure its message is spread effectively.

“Katapult Accelerator shows that you can build financial value and still have a positive impact in the world. We help passionate founders like Dr Eric Soehngen scale to greater heights with an aim to achieve two to three times their original valuation by the three month mark. We believe Walkolution has great potential to scale in the Nordics and globally”, states Haakon Brunell, Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Katapult Accelerator who has seen a success rate of more than 65% of companies raising successful investment rounds post-program.

Walkolution, who was selected from over 1800 other companies screened for one of the top 11 spots, will be part of the fourth cohort to partake in the accelerator program since its inception in the fall of 2017.

By being accessible to its potential customers in the Nordics, Walkolution, aims to bring its minimalistic design concepts to support companies in the Nordics to improve employee health, engagement and satisfaction.

“We chose to expand to Norway as the first market in the Nordics, because we know that Norwegian corporations are global pioneers in promoting employee health with innovative methods. We share the same beliefs of how movement can be beneficial in all aspects of life and we are very excited to kick off with the accelerator program and meet corporates based in Norway during our time here.” says Dr. Eric Soehngen, founder and CEO of Walkolution.

With Katapult’s diverse network of local companies and its global network of well-known enterprises such as IBM, Google, Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, and many more, Walkolution seeks to acquire premium insights into the future of workplace needs.

About Walkolution


Walkolution produces a manual noiseless walking treadmill for the workplace, enabling office users to walk while working, thereby enhancing human performance and countering the health risks associated with a lack of movement.



Contact person: Dr. Eric Söhngen, CEO

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