Motion Backgrounds for Online Meetings

Treadmill Desk Optimized Backgrounds for Google Meet, Zoom & more

Fight Zoom Fatigue and spice up your next meeting with a natural moving animated background that moves, just like you!

  • With the advent of remote work, video calls with Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams are extremely popular today. A custom animated background for video calls can be a great way to personalize your next Zoom call and make it feel more like home. They can also be helpful for creating focus or blocking out distractions. If you're using a treadmill desk, consider using one of our animated backgrounds below that provides the illusion of you being in motion (what you are in fact) instead of using a static still image.

  • The self-explanatory background for users of treadmill desks

    Anyone who is on a treadmill desk while participating in a video call knows that people often ask what you are doing and whether you are walking. This is because most people are not yet familiar enough with the treadmill desk concept and cannot immediately understand the participant's slight movement. A moving background provides an easy-to-understand context or entry point to a conversation.

  • Norway Winter Forest

    Fresh snow and blue sky. What could be more beautiful? The right mood for the cold season.

  • Okinawa Island Trail

    This small trail leads through dense bushes and lush vegetation.

  • Autumn in Bavaria

    The foliage of the large oaks has already changed color and the sun shines through the treetops.

  • Bolivian Jungle Trail

    Embark on an adventure in the jungle. However, you won't need a machete today. The path is well trodden.

  • Wisconsin Birch Forest

    A small path leads through the middle of the sparse birch forest, which is nicely warmed by the afternoon sun.

  • Mauritius Mangrove Bridgewalke

    Stroll comfortably and with dry feet through the dense mangrove forest.

  • Santorini Morning Walk

    Go on a discovery tour on the sunny Greek island and enjoy the shade in the small streets.

  • Bologna´s Old Town

    Climb the stairs to the ancient church of St. Pedro in this lovely Italian old town.

  • Havana's colorful neighborhood

    The facades of the houses in this peaceful neighborhood shine in all colors.

  • Scandinavian pine forest

    Go for a walk through the sun-warmed pine forest that stretches endlessly in Europe's far north.

  • Royal Botanic Garden in Brisbane

    Walk calmly and relaxed through this beautiful park with native and exotic plants and trees from all over the world.

  • National Forest New Hampshire

    Follow a small trail through the dense forest in the Green Mountain National Forest.

How to upload the custom backgrounds in Zoom, Google Meet & Co.

How do I download the virtual backgrounds?

Please submit your E-mail address above and click on "Download (Free). You will then receive an E-mail with a download link.

How can I add the backgrounds in Google Meet?

Google Meet does not yet offically allow animated custom backgrounds, but it is very simple to use the animated backgrounds nevertheless with a little tweak, that takes less than one minute.
Note: it is completely safe to add the background. The functionality of Google Meet does not get impaired by doing so.

1. Open (or download) the Google Chrome browser.

2. Visit with your Google chrome browser to start a new instant meeting.

3. Next, click the three dots next to the red hang-up button and select "Apply visual effects".

4. You can see a list of pre-installed backgrounds. Hover over the upload button in the upper left corner and right-click on it (Important: Right-click to open the context menu, don´t left-click)

5. Select "Inspect" (or the equivalent of your browser language" to open the developer view. A window with code should now open. Don´t get intimitated - it is already done!

6. Look for the line of code that says:

<input type=”file” jsname=”tif8Pe” jsaction=”change:E7zRc” accept=”image/jpeg, image/png” style=”display: none;”>

Where it says accept=”image/jpeg, image/png” replace that with the following code snippet:

accept=”image/jpeg, image/png, image/gif, video/mp4”

You will subsequently be able to submit MP4 films and GIF pictures as a result.

That´s it. You can now select video files (mp4 format) and upload them like any other static images.

Your upload will also stay within Google Meet, so you don´t need to upload the videos again.

If you prefer a video guide, check out this short YouTube tutorial

How can I add the backgrounds in Zoom?

Unlike Google Meet, you can easily upload videos just like images as custom backgrounds already, since Zoom already officially supports this feature.

1. Log in to Zoom via your Zoom application.

2. Then start a new meeting and open the Background Effects section.

3. Use the Plus button to easily select and upload the video you want.

That´s it.

How can I add the backgrounds in Microsoft Teams?


Note: mp4 videos have to be converted to GIF before uploading to Teams. EZGif is a recommended tool you can use for that.

1. In the Finder, click on "Go to" or "Go" in the program bar, then press the "option" key on the keyboard so that the "Library" entry becomes visible.

2. In the "Library" navigate to the following folder: Application Support > Microsoft > Teams > Background > (Consumer)Uploads

3. Copy the gif file into it
Now the file format of the gif file has to be renamed to jpg (example: Mauritius__Mangrove_Bridgewalke.gif -> Mauritius__Mangrove_Bridgewalke.jpg)

4. Important: Additionally, a thumbnail file must be created so that Teams can find the video background. For this you have to copy the jpg-file from just now and rename the new copy with a _thumb addition (example: Mauritius__Mangrove_Bridgewalke copy.jpg -> Mauritius__Mangrove_Bridgewalke_thumb.jpg)

5. The last step is to restart Teams. Teams has to be closed completely - ideally by using the shortcut "Command-Q".

After reopening, you can find and use the background as usual in Teams in the background selection.


Note: mp4 videos have to be converted to GIF before uploading to Teams. EZGif is a recommended tool you can use for that.

See the steps above for Mac. However, here the location to upload the GIF files changes to: C:\Users\*username*\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Teams\Backgrounds\Uploads

  • Walkolution Ära Series

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    Motorless treadmill with a smaller integrated desk and standing aid. Great option if mobility is important or space is limited.

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