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MT300 NEW WORK (Under Desk Treadmill)

MT300 NEW WORK (Under Desk Treadmill)

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Standing aid

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The legendary manual and whisper-quiet treadmill from Walkolution® provides you with an excellent and durable base in combination with your existing height-adjustable desk.

Optionally available with the highly recommended standing aid and prepared for the integration of the Wanderlust desk at a later time.

Protected by international patents.

Handmade by Walkolution in Germany, protected by our Signature Lifetime-Warranty.

Includes a signed copy of Death by Sitting. Why We Need A Movement Revolution.

Detailed description

Manual and silent treadmill for use under a height- adjustable standing desk. Suitable for home and office use. Standing aid is optional. Can be supplemented with other Walkolution products at any time.

The treadmill

- The first almost silent treadmill in the world (under 39 dB)
- Maintenance free with lifetime warranty
- Multiple award-winning design
- Functions without electricity
- High quality and sustainable materials
- Loads up to 160 kg
- Can be used with shoes or while barefoot

The advantages

- Ideal for focused, creative, and efficient work.
- Intuitively understood in minutes by any age group.
- Suitable for home offices, businesses, libraries, and coworking spaces.
- Walking speed is determined step by step by the user.
- The treadmill adapts without time delay.

Optional standing aid

- For a little rest between tasks.
- For leaning back.
- Built-in safety - The treadmill stops and locks in the opposite direction when you lean back.
- It never gets in the way even when you are walking or running quickly.
- Covered with elastic nylon for a comfortable resting position.
- Removable at any time.


- Four wheels make the treadmill mobile.
- Easy to reposition.
- The wheels are lockable.
- Suitable for stone and parquet floors.
- The treadmill fits through most doors and in most elevators.

Production of the treadmill

- Handmade in Walkolution's own high-tech factory in southern Germany.
- Only sustainable materials are used.
- Side panels are milled from solid sustainable beechwood blocks.
- Running surface made of springy birchwood slats.
- Coating is scratch resistant and soft.
- Slats slide on industrial grade ball bearings.
- Rock solid steel frame inside for safe operation.

Free shipping

Walkolution offers you free shipping.

Measures & Weight

Length 140 cm
width 64 cm
Height 27 cm

Treadmill 85 kg (+ standing aid: 5.8 kg)

Permissible user weight
160 kg

Lifetime Warranty

All Walkolution products come with a lifetime warranty.

Downloads (3D Files, Spec-Sheet, Assembly Manual)

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The Masterpiece: An extremely silent and manual treadmill without electricity

The Walkolution treadmill works purely mechanically by means of slats that glide slowly on high-quality ball bearings. The advantages: The treadmill is whisper-quiet and whether you stroll, walk or stop - you decide, intuitively and naturally, from step to step. There are also no treadmill arms you have to remove, like traditional treadmills have.

These are significant differences to conventional electrically powered treadmills. In addition, the treadmill consumes no electricity and you do not have to worry about electromagnetic radiation.


DIY Treadmill Desk by Walkolution

Treadmill desks are a great way to get some exercise while you work. The MT300 NEW WORK treadmill desk is designed to be combined with your own height adjustable desk. Since the treadmill has lockable wheels, you can move it effortlessly and use it alternately with a chair. Fixed feet are also included in the scope of delivery.

If you're looking for a way to improve your health and boost your productivity, the DIY Treadmill Desk from Walkolution is your solution if you want to build a treadmill desk.

Tip: If your desk is not high enough to be used as a treadmill desk, you can raise your monitor. With the Walkolution treadmill, you gain about 25 cm in height. For this purpose, we offer various innovative products in our accessories store.


Elegant wood design with many technical advantages

The wood we handcraft for the treadmill workstation is highly sound absorbent. This is part of the reason why Walkolution treadmills are so quiet in operation. The wood comes from certified forests in Germany. We use the wood not only decoratively, but also for your walking comfort, because the base of the slats of the walking surface are also made of a 100% unbreakable but still slightly springy special wood.


Accessory Options

All Walkolution under desk treadmills can be upgraded with a few simple steps and without tools. The treadmill desk has hidden attachment points for additional components, such as the standing aid or the integrated desk.

  • Ready to use right out of the box

    The Walkolution treadmill comes fully assembled. No tools are required. Watch the video to see how it comes delivered.


Quality matters: Why cheap treadmills are not a great idea for your DIY treadmill desk

Many people who want to switch from a standing desk or seated workstation to a treadmill desk make the mistake of trying to use an inexpensive electric treadmill.

If you are serious about your walking workstation, this is not advisable. Here are some reasons why:

1) Inexpensive treadmills (i.e. treadmills for home use (in the price range below approx. 2,500 USD) are not up to the high demands of daily hour-long operation and have a short lifespan due to the intensive load and exhibit mechanical problems, such as annoying noise and motor damage. Walkolution treadmills are virtually indestructible, permanently silent and have a lifetime warranty.

2) An electric treadmill (regardless of price range) gives you a monotonous speed. This is physically and, more importantly, mentally tiring after a short time. The key to being productive while moving on a treadmill is to be able to intuitively adjust your speed with each step. Walkolution treadmills are designed from the ground up to allow you to do just that, giving you complete control so you'll even forget you're using a treadmill.

3) Electricity costs for electric treadmills add up to $1,000 or more a year when used several hours a day. Therefore, be smart and compare costs before making your purchase decision. If you plan to use your treadmill for years, the investment in a Walkolution will pay for itself very quickly.

  • Well-known companies around the world use our treadmills because they care about the health and productivity of their employees and because our high quality meets the demands of these customers.

    Learn more about enterprise solutions 
  • Manual vs. electric treadmill desks

    Do you want to buy a treadmill desk but don't know which type to choose? In this video, we compare the two types of available treadmill desks: The manual Walkolution and conventional electric treadmill desks.

  • Which Walkolution treadmill suits you?

    The Walkolution Manual Treadmill Desk is available in different versions. Find the version that suits you best. Choose between different table options and decide whether you want a wooden walking surface or an extra joint friendly Kybun foam surface.


Worry-free Lifetime Guarantee.

It doesn't get more robust than this. The Walkolution treadmill desk is maintenance-free and designed for continuous daily use. You should enjoy it for a lifetime; that's why we give you a lifetime warranty.

Discover the world of Walkolution Treadmill Desks

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