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Walkolution Sitting Ball

Walkolution Sitting Ball

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The Sitting Ball is an innovative option when you want a way to sit at your Walkolution workstation during long days or when you are doing specific tasks.

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It consists of a rubber ball that is covered with a very robust and high-quality fabric. The ball was designed by Walkolution to fit exactly the size of the treadmill and can be clamped between the bars of the backrest. Sit firmly without losing momentum and activity. At Walkolution we certainly wouldn't recommend spending a lot of time sitting, However, you're healthier on a ball than on a traditional chair. You are more active on a sitting ball and your muscles are constantly being used. If you adopt a slack, incorrect posture, you will lose your balance and you will automatically be reminded to correct your posture. Nevertheless, we recommend that you do not sit for more than 2 to a maximum of 4 hours a day. The ball has a diameter of 65 cm or 75 cm and two side loops that allow you to easily hold the ball. You can also use the ball for a variety of exercises outside of your work area. The sitting ball can be perfectly combined with a height-adjustable desk, such as our models from the ARA series .

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