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Addit Cable Guide

Addit Cable Guide

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The Addit cable guide hides and guides cables for desks up to 150 cm and is therefore extra long and also ideal for the tables of the AERA series. It comes with a weighted base plate for extra stability and stickers/screws to keep everything in place. And because it's made from 100% recycled PP, it's not only chic and elegant, it's also sustainable.

Bundles, organizes and guides cables under the desk
Adapts by simply adding/removing elements
Designed for height adjustable desks up to 130mm
100% recycled PP (polypropylene)
Offers space for 18 cables with a thickness of 7 mm
Weighted base plate for stability
Length: 1500mm
MADE IN THE NETHERLANDS: Dutch design, Dutch quality
Comes with stickers and screws to fix the cable management to the desk

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