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Death by Sitting - Signed Copy

Death by Sitting - Signed Copy

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This listing is for a signed copy of Death by Sitting - Why We Need A Movement Revolution. Non-signed copies can be purchased on Amazon.



Sitting for extended periods of time in an office chair day after day has never been part of our genomic imprint. The fact that this has become the status quo is wreaking havoc on our physical health and making us unhappy.

The need for movement has been hardwired within our innate composition. Evolution has shaped humans into the ultimate predator, able to move quickly and efficiently in order to hunt and gather, covering substantial distances over time. It is only in recent history that physical effort and stamina have become pursuits of personal interest or leisure.

Scientific findings over the past decade overwhelmingly echo a powerful message: sitting not only weakens the musculoskeletal system – causing chronic and sometimes debilitating pain – it heavily increases one’s risk for diabetes, overweight, heart disease, stroke and cancer, while affecting our cognitive and mental health, and making us more susceptible to depression and dementia.

And, contrary to popular belief, daily exercise is unable to counteract the ill effects of a sedentary lifestyle.

Award-winning author and board-certified physician Dr. Eric Soehngen’s professional journey through the universe of medical institutions and research laboratories has granted him personal insight into the fates of thousands of patients across cultures and continents.

He believes that the battle against chronic disease will not be won with yet more medications, but by the acceptance of movement as a basic human right and sheer necessity for our very survival.In a comprehensible and accessible format, Death by Sitting explains with scientific accuracy exactly how sitting has become “the new smoking”.

We can no longer take this sitting down. It is time for a movement revolution. This book will explain why. 



"Dr. Söhngen makes it clear that sitting for six hours or more daily comes with a huge cost to our physical and mental health. Sadly, being active at other times does not undo this negative impact of sitting. His prescription: Avoid sitting for more than 4 hours daily.."
--Lisa M. Brandt, MPH

"The author provides a clear picture of what is basically wrong with sitting and despite of the rather difficult medical contents, that are covered, a layman can also follow very well. To get started with your personal „movement revolution“, the book is certainly highly recommended.."
--Rüdiger Weimer, Serial-Entrepreneur



Eric Söhngen, MD, is a medical specialist, scientist and company owner. Medically, he is dedicated to researching the health effects of lack of exercise in the workplace. He is considered the founder and inventor of the "work and walk" concept. In 2017, together with co-founder Frank Ackermann, he launched WALKOLUTION, the world's first active workplace system based on medical research that allows users to stay in motion naturally while at work. Together with renowned experts from the fields of ergonomics, evolutionary biology and the life sciences, he is interested in the health and neurocognitive optimized design of the workplace of the future. A concept that focuses on movement as a basic human right and recognizes it as a medical necessity.

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