• Manager Magazin

    Walking Desk in the Test: Work on the Move "

    There are already a few treadmills for the office - but none is as stylish and quiet as Walkolution, a development by the German doctor Dr. Eric Söhngen. Maren Hoffmann has the 4590 euro device for manager- magazin.de tested.

    "Note from Walkolution: The editors had probably forgotten to fix the table, which is why the table top wobbles incredibly. The video also shows the old version without mudguards.

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  • BeatYesterday Magazin (by GARMIN)

    Danger from sitting: even lying down is healthier

    Dr. Eric Söhngen has been dealing with the risks of sitting for years. For him it is more dangerous than smoking. In an interview, he reveals what we can do and why an hour of exercise in the evening doesn't help.

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  • New Work Magazin

    Work in Progress: Keep moving at work with Walkolution.

    We work too much and move too little. Everyone who wants to stretch out their healthy back in the meantime likes that. One solution designed to combine both is Walkolution, a treadmill for the workplace.

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  • Design Boom

    Non-motorized walkolution treadmill turns smart work into smart workout.

    Sitting for hours in front of a computer can finally turn into a healthy, productive, next generation work experience. Movement is evidently dropping...

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  • iF Design Award Jury

    WALKOLUTION - WORK AND WALK. Sitting is the new smoking.

    Yet, most people sit 12 hours a day. Not any longer! Germany-based Walkolution, one of the most successful European startup companies, now offers people a healthier alternative to sitting. The patented and science-based product is the world's first noiseless and non-motorized walking treadmill with an integrated ergonomic desk and backrest so that the user can work and walk at the same time!

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  • Das Büro

    Eric Söhngen: A maximum of four hours!

    With Walkolution, Physician Dr. Eric Söhngen brings movement into the office. Its treadmills allow you to walk while you work. Robert Nehring asked him about the advantages.

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  • Sport does not protect against the risks of sitting too much

    Expert contribution by Dr. Eric Söhngen, Founder and CEO of WALKOLUTION.

    The WHO recommends 150 minutes of exercise per week - about 20 minutes per day. Is that enough to stay healthy if you spend most of the rest of the day sitting down? New study results will probably surprise you...

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  • BR Fersehen

    Tips for the home office: Be more active when working and learning

    Research teams from the universities of Bayreuth and Regensburg have developed suggestions on how office people can get through the day with more movement and in this issue of the magazine "good to know" present Walkolution's manual treadmill desk .

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  • Yanko Design

    Walkolution Treadmill Desks Revolutionize The Way People Work And Workout At Home.

    The new year is all about fresh start. If you're like millions of people around the world that started the year with the goal of getting fit and healthy, you have probably done either of the two: start or stop already.

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  • Wellhotel

    Work and Walk - Home office on foot

    Walkolution prevails against 10,000 competitors and wins the iF Design Award.

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