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Walkolution Ära Premium Standing Desk

Walkolution Ära Premium Standing Desk

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Experience ultimate comfort with our electrically height-adjustable premium desk, which also features an adjustable depth for the tabletop. The luxurious tabletop is covered with high-quality leather, offering an elegant look and a pleasant touch.

Perfectly designed for use with a Walkolution treadmill, this desk boasts an impressive adjustable range up to a height of 148 cm – far exceeding the usual 115 cm to 125 cm that standard desks offer. This extended range makes the desk ideal for individuals up to 2 meters tall.

What truly sets this desk apart is its unparalleled stability, which is maintained even at maximum height – a feature that is unique in the market. The legs are crafted from the same premium wood as the Walkolution treadmills, ensuring perfect visual harmony. The leather surface is color-coordinated with the treadmill belt, creating a cohesive and stylish appearance.

Available in various standard widths and also customizable to your desired width, this desk adapts perfectly to your individual needs.

Detailed description

The requirements in the development of the D800 Desk were clear. It should be the most stable desk on the market with a particularly large adjustment range so that it can be used with a treadmill and meet the needs of tall people. It should be adjustable not only in height, but also in depth. It should have an elegant, iconic design and a responsible ecological footprint.

Despite the wide range of adjustments, which is unique in the market, the desk is rock solid even when extended thanks to its solid A-shaped wooden base.

The height adjustable desk is available in 2 sizes - 120x80cm & 155x80cm. The 2-segment column contains two silent motors that allow the desk to quickly vary height, continuously and without wobbling, between 100cm and 150cm thanks to a soft start and stop function. A 4-way guided rail under the tabletop also allows for convenient depth adjustment, which can also be locked in place if needed. In addition, we also offer the table in an individual width (110 - 200 cm).

The innovative tabletop

Combining sustainability and innovation, we used a new type of recycled leather-based material for the tabletop. Leather scraps that come from the shoe/bag industry or other leather processing companies are shredded, mixed with natural fats and color pigments, and bound with natural rubber. The result is a new material that is not an artificial leather but a genuine leather fiber.

The material is made from otherwise unusable recycled leather, which means that no animal is intentionally or additionally killed for its production.

Unlike wood, this innovative material offers the user a soft and pleasant feel that is warm to the touch.

Without being intrusive, the luxurious look blends harmoniously with any interior and captivates with its typical leather smell. You will smell the leather only if you smell it directly on the tabletop. Of course, it is also certified according to the Ökotex leather standard and contains no harmful ingredients.

The homogeneous appearance is visually appealing and was specially designed for use as a desk pad. You can write or operate a mouse on it without any problems.

The surface is also largely resistant to light scratches and fingerprints, as well as to the chemical influences of household chemicals.

The wooden base and frame

The wooden base is made of FSC-certified beechwood. The sturdy and scratch-resistant steel elements of the legs are powder coated in RAL 9005 jet black matt. The crossbar is made of galvanized steel.

Info: This is the desk included in the 800 and 900 era series.

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Width: 120 cm, 155 cm, or desired width
Depth: 80 cm

Adjustment range height
100 cm - 150 cm

Adjustment range depth
20cm back and forth

51 kg

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