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Standing Desk Treadmill: Why Should It Be Your Next Choice?  

Most health experts agree that sitting on an office chair in front of your computer for prolonged periods every day is detrimental to your health. As human beings, we evolved as a species intended to move in an upright position and not be confined to chairs the whole day. 

Through these findings on the dangers of being sedentary for extended periods, scientists and other medical experts were able to introduce the standing desk as a solution. However, standing desks aren’t still enough, as they still have many shortcomings, hence comes the introduction of the standing desk treadmill.

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Standing Desks: Pathway to a Healthier Worklife

There’s extensive evidence indicating that our vital biological functions virtually "shut down" when we become idle. It is like the caveman DNA taking over and telling your body to switch from the "hunt mode" to "not on the hunt mode".

When your body naturally goes into the idle phase, a lot of things get slowed down, including your metabolism and proactivity. Sitting for extended periods strains your back muscles, making your core unable to continue supporting your upper body. Eventually, this leads to back and neck strain, often leading to other short-term and long-term injuries.

Although regular body exercise would be good, it is still not enough to counter the impact sitting for long hours has on our health. So, what can we do to alleviate the repercussions of these long hours of sitting? Chances are, you will not change your career for this reason. However, you can change how you work.

Standing desks came to resolve a major health concern that was seen coming from being on a chair for extended periods. It saved our bodies from ergonomically disastrous positions. For starters, your back muscles become more engaged, and the legs, shoulders, and hips are no longer constrained. However, static standing can only take you far, but not to your ultimate goals.

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The significance of Standing Desk Treadmills

While standing desks were seen to save us from the detrimental health risks of sitting for long hours, many studies have also come out stating that standing for too long can also have numerous negative impacts. 

There’s plenty of information online about people standing for long hours, especially those in heels, facing health problems, such as deep-vein thrombosis, varicose veins, blood pooling in the legs, and knee or hip injuries. 

There are a few ways to alleviate the harmful effects of standing for too long. For starters: don’t stand for too long. You can break up your day between standing and sitting into manageable chunks throughout the day. As you can imagine, this is quite a tedious thing to keep track of and might ultimately negatively impact your productivity. 

So, what’s the best solution? Standing desk treadmills!

Don’t Just Stand — Move While Working

A standing desk treadmill helps you avoid a sedentary lifestyle when working. There are many proven issues that come from sitting and standing for too long. However, you can never go wrong with walking. 

A standing desk treadmill provides you with the freedom to stand while working as well as having some mobility. This allows your body to become more active and avoid the various health concerns associated with standing in one position for far too long.

Walking slowly boosts your energy levels and productivity relieves your body of joint and muscle pains and improves your metabolism. Now imagine the same, but you get to enjoy it every day — this is what a standing desk treadmill affords you. 

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Why is a Standing Desk Treadmill the best choice for you?

Standing desk treadmills are the new wave in healthier work environments. Besides improving your physical well-being, a treadmill for a standing desk is also useful in boosting your mental health and increasing productivity.

Here are a few reasons why a standing desk with treadmill is the best choice for you: 

  • Improved mood

Regular exercise decreases anxiety through the release of endorphins to your brain cells. In turn, this helps boost your mood by triggering a positive feeling in your body, allowing you to feel the urge to accomplish something. This is nothing but good news in a work environment as you will feel more motivated to get more work done.

  • Increased creativity

It is a proven fact that exercise is directly linked to creativity. Researchers have conducted various studies on the matter, and in the end, those who have participated in even the slightest exercise are a lot more creative compared to those that were sedentary.  Almost every work involves creativity to some extent. If you would like to tap into your creative side, using a standing treadmill desk would be ideal.

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  • Increased productivity

Exercising makes your mind more alert and increases your mental performance. Moreover, the human mind can easily lose focus on something very fast, which is even made worse when in a sedentary position. 

However, when moving, the chances of digressing your focus significantly reduce, and you can put much energy into accomplishing your set tasks. A standing desk treadmill improves your overall productivity by increasing your mental performance.

  • Promotes a healthy weight

One of the benefits of a treadmill desk is walking on a standing desk treadmill burns calories, which can be one of the strategies for weight loss. Even though it doesn’t burn as much as running or biking, the slow walking exercise every other working day is enough to get you the desired results after some time, as long as you maintain consistency. 

  • Reduces the risk of chronic diseases

Regular exercising can significantly reduce the chances of getting certain illnesses, such as Type 2 Diabetes and High Blood Pressure.

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Standing Desk Treadmill Types

There are different types of standing desk treadmills, and you can easily select one based on your personal needs and preferences. Walkolution provides two major types of standing desk treadmills: an integrated treadmill desk and a treadmill under the standing desk. 

Integrated treadmill desk

If you do not want to go through the hassle of searching for an ideal desk and a treadmill separately, an integrated treadmill desk might be the right choice for you. This is basically a walking treadmill with a standing desk fitted into it. 

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The integrated treadmill desk from Walkolution comes in a compact and quiet setup. There are four wheels integrated at the bottom of the treadmill to make it easy for mobility, meaning you can use the product in any room or space. 

Some of the key features of our integrated treadmill desk include: 

  • Comes in two sizes and four heights to cater to the comfort of every user

  • Produces less than 35 dB of noise, making it conducive for use in the office without disturbing others

The integrated treadmill desk from Walkolution has a back aid, just in case you wish to stand back and relax after doing some work. 

You can also check out our Kybun soft treadmill with desk for extra comfort based on your budget and preferences.

treadmill under standing desk

Under-desk treadmill

The Walkolution under-desk treadmill is the perfect option for those that do not wish to limit themselves to where and how they can work but still have regular exercise. With this walking treadmill for standing desk, you are able to use it with any standing desk and in any location. 

There is also an optional standing aid to give you support whenever you feel like laying back a little, making this one of, if not the best treadmill for standing desk.

Treadmill with a separate desk: The Walkolution ÄRA Series

The Walkolution ÄRA series comes with a free-standing desk, offering more freedom and convenience. The top of the treadmill desk is continuously adjustable to suit your specific comfort levels. More so, the tabletop can be easily pulled up or pushed away to enable you to find the ideal comfortable position. 

The ÄRA desk not only has height adjustments but also infinite depth adjustments to ensure you have the best experience.


All parts in the ÄRA desk series are made from high-quality materials to ensure you get nothing short of the best. The tabletop surface is made of genuine leather fiber, which gives off a pleasant fine leather smell, and a haptic warm surface to give off a pleasant feeling while working. 

The wooden base, made from FSC-certified beechwood, ensures rock-solid stability. The legs are made of scratch-resistant steel, while the crossbars are made of galvanized steel. With these high-quality materials, you don’t just benefit from the features of this manual walking treadmill desk but also enjoy them for a long time.

Why Choose Walkolution Standing Desk Treadmills?

Walkoulution Standing Desk Treadmills are made of high-quality materials using the latest German engineering techniques. All these products do not make any noise and have no motor, meaning they are a lot easier to operate. 

All our products are mechanically operated. This means that no electrical connection is required, giving you the freedom to use them at your most convenient location. Moreover, the treadmills adapt to your pace without time delay, making this one of the best standing desk treadmills on the market. 

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Regardless of the treadmill desk, you opt for, you can always find the right size that fits your preferences, thanks to the adjustable sizes. 

Do you fancy walking barefoot? No problem. All our treadmills have a smooth surface to ensure you get comfortable as you focus on what’s important for you.

With many years of service to thousands of people, our standing desk treadmill line of products has received quite a huge acceptance from its users. Most of our users are generally satisfied with the products. Here’s a look at some of our customer reviews to get a first-hand experience from real users.

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Standing Desk Treadmill Frequently Asked Questions

I do an hour of exercise every day. Do I still require a standing desk treadmill?

The goal of using a standing desk treadmill is to reduce the time used in sitting down. If you exercise for an hour and sit for many more hours, you will still damage your body to some extent. Ultimately, the goal is to sit for fewer hours during the day. 

Can you use treadmill desks on carpets?

You can use treadmill desks on a carpet as long as it is a flat carpet, as opposed to thick or fluffy carpets. These carpets might affect the stability of your treadmill desk or make it a little more challenging moving it from one place to another. 

Can an under-desk treadmill be used with a current standing desk?

You can use your current standing desk with an under-desk treadmill. However, you must first ensure that the height of your standing desk is high enough to accommodate the extra height of the treadmill. Most standard standing desks are too low for a treadmill under standing desk. It would be prudent to know the exact height measure of your standing desk and compare it with the height of the treadmill to determine whether it will be a comfortable fit. 

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