Medical experts say that sitting is the new smoking. Sitting for a long time is bad enough that the World Health Organization had to change its guidance on exercise to account for this concern. However, too many of us sit for many hours, almost every day, for many years, especially when working. 

Creating a Healthy Lifestyle At Work

As the access to information becomes much easier, and with advancements in the medical field, there’s been a rising global trend of people shifting to healthier lifestyles. We are now more cautious about what we eat, what we do, and how we do things.

One of the biggest shifts in the workspace is the focus from quantity to quality—meaning that productivity and a healthy working environment are now top priorities for both employers and employees. In order to be more productive, the workforce has to have peace of mind that their health is not at stake. 

  • At first, there was standing — with many health experts advocating for standing and not sitting while working. This brought forth the standing desk trend. However, this still wasn’t enough, as standing for long hours also has its drawbacks. 

    Too much standing without enough movement can lead to other health complications, such as varicose veins, blood pooling in the legs, knee pain, and deep-vein thrombosis, among others. 

  • As a result, we resorted to more research and settled on walking treadmill desks as the best alternative to sitting. Through these, one is able to maintain some motion and avoid a sedentary life, which is one of the biggest causes of workplace stress and health complications. 

  • How Do Walking Treadmill Desks Work?

    A walking treadmill desk operates like a standard treadmill, just that you do not have to run or sweat to get the job done. Moreover, you only have to walk at a slow pace, and it is also made to enable a smooth walk which, in turn, allows you to work seamlessly.

    Some walking treadmill desk manufacturers, such as Walkolution, have created products that improve the productivity of the user, besides helping them to have a healthier workplace culture. For instance, our products are not motorized. This means that there’s virtually no noise produced, making it easy to focus on your work and also not inconvenience other workspace users. 

  • Improves blood circulation
    Light physical activity triggers and inspires creativity, which will come in handy if you need to be more focusedon your tasks.

  • ✔ Inspires creativity

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  • Reduces stress

    We all face different types of stress at our workplaces. Stress reduces creativity and productivity. Whenever someone has stress, they are often asked to take a walk to clear their mind. This is exactly what awalking treadmill desk offers, allowing you to walk while working.

  • Raise life expectancy

    It is said that 1 minute of movement adds 7 minutes into your life. Through a walking treadmill desk, you get to reduce cases of heart diseases, reduce the chances of developing type 2 diabetes, and alleviate joint and back pains, among other health benefits.

  • Increased productivity

    The use of walking treadmill desks is proven to increase someone’s attention to what they are doing, ultimately increasing their productivity in the workplace. Moreover, using walking treadmill desks is known to improve the team’s morale. 

  • Integrated Treadmill Desk

    An integrated treadmill desk combines a walking treadmill and a desk. An integrated treadmill desk is more of a buy-and-use product, as there aren’t any DIY requirements from the user. Moreover, you can select your preferred size and height for the product. 

    The Walkolution Treadmill with integrated desk is a popular choice for many. It is a compact and quiet treadmill that allows you to work from anywhere without disturbing anyone else around you. 

  • Walking Treadmill with Separate Desk

    In this case, the treadmill and the desk are two different entities and are not integrated like the other types of walking treadmill desks. You can purchase an under-desk treadmill as a standalone, or you can also get it with a separate desk in your purchase. 

    The Walkling Treadmill with a free desk is an option for those who want to have a walking treadmill with a desk but do not want to commit to an integrated desk model. The top of the treadmill desk is flexible and adjustable, meaning you can move it back and forth until you find a comfortable fit. Moreover, this desk is available in two different sizes, giving you the freedom to get what suits your needs best.

Why Should Walking Treadmill Desks be The Next Normal?

Anyone who has ever had to work as staff in a trade-show booth knows how uncomfortable being on their feet for a long time can be. It actually hurts more than walking the aisles the whole day as an attendee. While health experts previously pushed for standing desks as alternatives to sitting the entire day, a new normal is emerging: walking while working. 

Many studies have proven that walking slowly throughout the day boosts your productivity, and energy levels keep your metabolisms at a healthy level, and soothe joints and muscles. You get to enjoy all these benefits from the Walkolution Walking Treadmill for desk.

  • Although there are some misconceptions that weight loss is the only target, the truth is now coming to light, thanks to further studies and research. Walking desks are known to increase your body’s Non-exercise Activity Thermogenesis (NEAT), the minor activities you partake in during the day, and can boost your basal metabolic rate. Moreover, walking treadmill desk calories burned are higher than being sedentary, hence boosting your overall health.

  • For a generation that’s generally more cautious about their overall health and lifestyle practices, the incorporation of walking treadmill desks is definitely going to be the new normal. 

    People that go for a walking treadmill with desk understand the risks of being sedentary for a long time. This group is fully aware of the slowed metabolism, increased risks of blood pressure, weight gain, vulnerability to Type 2 diabetes, and cardiac issues, among others, that result from sitting at work for long periods, every day, for many years.

Why Choose Walkolution?

Walkolution uses top-notch German engineering to provide the best experience and value to all our product users. Unlike traditional treadmills, Walkolution walking treadmill desks are not motorized. There is no power consumption and virtually no noise, allowing you to use these products anywhere — at home, in your workspace, or even in a shared office setup — without inconveniencing yourself or others.

Our walking treadmill desks have intuitive speed adaptation. This enables the user to change their pace easily and does not require additional operation when leaning or standing, supporting fatigue-free usage for longer periods. On the contrary, electric treadmills will force you to walk at a constant preset speed, which can easily lead to fatigue and even boredom.

  • ✔ Made from durable materials that can withstand daily use for decades

    ✔ No maintenance is necessary 

    ✔ Highly mobile — you can easily move from one room to another

    ✔ They are virtually quiet
    ✔ Unique Kybun soft walking treadmills for extra comfort

    ✔ We offer a  30-day trial

    Lifetime guarantee

  • Having been used and trusted by thousands of customers globally, we are confident that our product line resolves some of the major health concerns among the current workforce. Our award-winning product has been voted the best walking desk treadmill several times in a row and enjoys lots of positive feedback from users. You can have a look at some of our walking desk treadmill reviews to help you get a better understanding from a consumer’s perspective. 

Walking Treadmill Desk FAQ

Can you lose weight on a treadmill desk?

By increasing your energy expenditure by walking compared to standing or sitting, you burn more calories and eventually lose weight. You should see a gradual change if your key agenda for using a walking treadmill desk is to lose weight. 

How can you take a break from walking?

The Walkolution walking treadmill is mechanical, meaning that it adjusts to your walking pace and stops when you stop. This means you can take a rest, stand while working, or basically lean back and relax before resuming walking.

What is the advantage of non-electric walking treadmill desks?

Non-electric walking treadmill desks do not limit you on where you can use them, unlike electrical products that only allow you to use them wherever there is a power source. Moreover, a non-motorized treadmill does not require regular maintenance, extending its lifecycle.

A non-electric treadmill allows the user to select their preferred pace, and easily switch between walking and even standing. On the other hand, you are forced to walk at a constant pace when using an electric treadmill, which in turn, leads to fatigue and boredom.

Do treadmill desks damage the floor?

Thanks to their unique lockable wheel designs, our treadmill desks will not damage the floor. This means that the floor does not get damaged when you move the product from one place to another. Moreover, Walkolution treadmill desks are made from premium wood, unlike other treadmills made from plastic, which is heavier and more likely to damage the floor.