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Viewgo Pro HD monitor arm (for large, heavy displays)

Viewgo Pro HD monitor arm (for large, heavy displays)

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Perfect your workspace with the ergonomic Viewgo pro HD monitor arm. Ideal for heavier monitors, it also excellently accommodates larger, curved monitors. Increase the productivity and comfort of your employees by creating a valuable and pleasant office environment. The Viewgo pro impresses not only with its ergonomic features but also with its sleek design - all at a very affordable price. Installation is quick and easy, and the double clamp bracket on the housing ensures compatibility with all common office equipment. Made by Dataflex Netherlands.


  • Dynamic height adjustment of 310 mm
  • Independent depth adjustment
  • Equipped with an adjustable tension spring with a lifetime warranty
  • Provided with cable clips for tidy cable management
  • Main components made of aluminum
  • VESA quick release as standard
  • Compatible with VESA MIS-D 75 x 75/100 x 100 mm
  • Monitor: tiltable +60°/-15°, swiveling +90°/-90°, rotatable +90°/-90°
  • Arm: 360° swiveling
  • Arm swivel lock set at +90°/-90° (can be disabled)
  • Weight range min. 5 kg - max. 15 kg per monitor
  • Equipped with desk clamp mount (on-desk clamp) and through-desk mounting
  • Suitable for desk top thicknesses from 14 to 40 mm (clamp) or 60 mm (through-desk)
  • Maximum monitor size: height 1000 mm
  • Stable, scratch-free attachment on any surface thanks to non-slip rubber coating
  • Easy installation with the included tool
  • Supports monitors in portrait and landscape orientation
  • The spring tension gauge ensures easy setup of the monitor


  • WALKOLUTION MTD900R KYBUN (from 02/2021)

(If you are unsure, please call the Walkolution hotline for further information)

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