The Original Treadmill Desk

The legendary treadmill desk from Walkolution. Loved by thousands of fans around the world. Multiple award-winning, motorless and unmatched whisper-silent treadmill with various desk and backrest options. Made from solid beech wood with elastic, shock-absorbing slats for best in class natural walking comfort. Designed and sustainably handcrafted by Walkolution in Germany. Protected by international patents. Lifetime Warranty.

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The Exclusive Walkolution Kybun Edition

The forest floor treadmill with barefoot comfort. The world's first and only manual treadmill with a soft, elastic and springy surface.
Exclusively equipped with the unique structured Kybun® Switzerland's signature surface. Sustainably handmade by Walkolution Germany. Patented worldwide. Lifetime warranty.

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  • Exploring the Future of Ergonomic Workspaces

    Here we showcase the combination of Walkolution's Treadmill Desk with the Apple Vision Pro. A great option for health-conscious professionals and productivity seekers looking to revolutionize their work environment.


    Space-Saving Treadmill Desks

    Thanks to the lockable wheels, you can easily take your Walkolution Treadmill Desk anywhere you want to move more. Due to the compact dimensions, the treadmill fits through any door and in small spaces.


    A Treadmill Desk for Home and Office

    The quiet Walkolution Treadmill fits into any environment and thanks to the motorless functionality and extremely smooth running, you don't disturb yourself or others.


    Walkolution Ära - Treadmill with a Standing Desk

    With its iconic and bold design, the Ära series comes with the most stable standing desk available on the market.

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    Build Your Own Treadmill Desk

    Make a treadmill desk with your own height adjustable sit-to-stand desk and complete your DIY walking desk with a Walkolution under desk treadmill to build your ergonomic workplace setup.

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A Quiet Treadmill Desk. There is power in tranquility.

The rhythmic movement of walking sharpens the senses, and the best ideas often come from a walk. Walkolution Treadmill Desks without motor allow you to discover these precious creative moments more often. There is no electromagnetic radiation and no disturbing noises as with a conventional treadmill.

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A Treadmill Without A Motor

Walkolution stands for German engineering done to perfection. The Walkolution Standing Desk Treadmill does not need a motor. There is no power consumption, virtually no noise, creating the pleasant feeling of completely natural walking.


Elevate Your Office Wellness and Productivity

In addition to home office customers, small and large enterprises around the world are embracing Walkolution to create the ideal workplace and bolster the health and productivity of their employees in a changing work environment. Walkolution has been readily adopted by employees, and its effects are long-lasting.

Walkolution for Companies


Why is a treadmill desk better than a standing desk?

Because standing for long periods is not better than sitting. There is not a single study that justifies the widespread use of standing desks. From a medical point of view, a standing desk can´t be recommended. Blood pools in the legs when standing for long periods. This can cause pain, varicose veins, and circulatory problems. Furthermore, long-standing lead to back pain for many people. If users stand all day instead of sitting, the additonal calorie consumption equals the calories as are contained in 1 or 2 apples. The overall effect on the body is therefore negligible.The change between sitting and standing is also not better because one changes from one position that is unfavorable for the body to the other.

Do treadmill desks help you lose weight?

According to the American Council on Exercise, an 80-pound person can burn about 260 calories per hour while walking. And if you walk at a brisk pace, you can even increase that number significantly. On an average workday in which you are on the move for 6–8 hours, this will easily get you to 1000 calories burned, which is about the equivalent of calories in an entire meal.

So it is possible to loose weight with a treadmill desk, since you can burn calories and lose weight as a consequence.

For Walkolution treadmills, this is particular true, since the Walkolution treadmill functions without a motor, meaning that you have to put in the energy, which results in a higher calorie consumption compared with a normal treadmill.

Why is sitting dangerous?

Human have been in constant motion for millions of years. Our specias had to move to survive. Now our whole world has changed so radically within about 200 years that movement has become an optional leisure activity. Those who sit for eight or more hours a day for professional reasons increase their risk of almost all civilization diseases. Tragically, not only back pain, but also the risk of heart attack, stroke, cancer, and diabetes. At the same time, most people who lead a sedentary lifestyle are also cognitively limited and have a higher risk of depression and dementia. Read more about this topic in our knowledge section.

What are the advantages of the manual non-electric Walkolution over conventional motorized treadmills?

Less noise
The manual Walkolution treadmill operates nearly noiseless, therefore a distraction-free use in quiet working areas becomes possible.

An electric treadmill on the other hand always makes two kind of noises. The sliding of the belt on the treadmill surface and the motor itself creates a noise.

Natural walking

The manual Walkolution treadmills lets you adapt the speed intuitively. So you can walk at different speeds, sponteanous lean back or stand. This is crucial for distraction-free use throughout the day.

With an electric treadmill, you are constantly forced to walk at a constant preset speed, which leads to fatigue and distraction.

No follow up costs
The Walkolution treadmill does not have a motor and has no follow-up costs.

A normal electric treadmill, when used daily, can quickly cost between 500 Euros and 1000 Euros in electricity costs per year.

No maintenance and lifetime warranty

Walkolution treadmills need no maintenance and can be operated daily without limitations. The components are selected to withstand daily use without problems for decades to come.

Normal electric treadmills frequently overheat, need to be oiled and the belt need to be adjusted frequently. They also come to a usage limit after a certain time, especially when used daily. Motor damage or a disturbing noises are then often the result.

In this video, you find a detailed look on the two available treadmill desk types.

What is the maximum number of hours per day you should spend sitting?

Sitting is part of everyday life and is important for resting in between. But the current widespread ratio should be reversed. Movement has to be the rule and sitting needs to be the exception, not the other way around. Many scientific studies recommend a ratio of 75% movement and 25% sitting. Distributed over the day this means that you should not sit for more than 3-4 hours per day, including meals and sitting in leisure time.

Is it hard to type on a treadmill desk?

No, because the upper body is calm when walking and the walking pace when working with a treadmill desk is generally not fast. It is also helpful that you can set and continously adapt your own pace on a Walkolution treadmill (unlike an electric treadmill with a motor). It usually takes only a few minutes to get used to it. We have witnessed customers who are authors and who have written entire books while walking. Studies have shown that you can walk and type without any limitations. The accuracy has even been experimentally tested and published, for example here.

We have compiled further studies that examine various aspects of office work on treadmill desks on this overview page.

Is it possible to concentrate while walking?

Yes, besides the other health benefits of more movement, increasing mental performance is one of the other main reasons why we developed the concept behind Walkolution in the first place. The brain is one of the organs that benefits most from light physical activity. There is an enormous amount of published research on this topic, which shows that concentration and attention is even increased compared to sitting or standing. In essence: Walking does not require you to multi-task, it is more like breathing.

So, the answer is a resounding yes: you can definitely work on a treadmill desk and concentrate at the same time. In fact, many people find that treadmill desks are a great option for effective work. Working on a treadmill desk also increases productivity by making you more alert and letting your brain think better.

Many users have recorded improved levels of focus and felt more energized when working on a treadmill desk.

Does the Walkolution treadmill make noise?

The Walkolution Treadmill desk is whisper quiet with the average operating noise being less than 34db. Thanks to the unique German engineering that makes it run without a motor, it is built to avoid distraction even in completely quiet environments, such as libraries and open offices. This makes it easy to use the treadmill at work without inconveniencing yourself or others around you.

See here for a live test with decibel measurement.

Is regular maintenance necessary?

No. The Walkolution Treadmill desk is not motorized and all moving parts, such as the industrial grade ball bearings are manufactured with the highest degree of precision, hence taking away the need for any maintenance. Standard treadmills often come to a load limit after a while and will require regular maintenance to prevent or repair motor or belt damage. Walkolution products are built to last for a life time and can sustain daily and intensive use.

How long is the manufacturer's warranty?

Lifetime. Our mission is to build the best treadmill workstation desk in the world that you can enjoy using every day for a lifetime. This is not only a promise in our product quality but also a contribution to the environment. Please note that our Signature Lifetime Warranty is an exclusive service for our original Walkolution customers only. The warranty is not transferable to any other person or purchaser and does not apply to used Walkolution treadmills. Learn more about Walkolution's lifetime warranty.

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