We create healthy workspaces for the office of the future.

Based on medical and evolutionary research, we think brand new ways how to enhance human performance at work for health conscious individuals and organizations.

The Work and Walk Series is a revolutionary active workplace design, which lets users walk slowly and naturally, right in front of their desks or at meetings to for a vital feeling, optimized concentration and to let users enter their flow zone faster. At the same time it also counters the health risks associated with a lack of movement and too much sitting.

Movement is a basic human right and a sheer necessity for optimized mental performance and long term health.

We make it happen.


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Walkolution presents Work and Walk Series at MEDICA 2018

Steve Jobs was known for his Walk-Meetings and most of us have probably made the experience, that a lot of good ideas come to our minds while we are walking. Read more.

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Düsseldorf, Germany, Nov 11-15. 2018
Hall 3, E83

Congress Zukunftsrat Bayern / Podium Discussion with CEO Dr. Eric Söhngen

Bad Neustadt, Germany, Nov 26, 2018

University Bayreuth, smart moving

Bayreuth, Germany, Dec 5, 2018

University Regensburg, smart moving

Regensburg, Germany, Dec 6, 2018

Dr. Eric Söhngen

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Ms. Angela Boncila
Executive Assistant to Dr. Eric Söhngen