We create healthy workspaces for the office of the future.

Based on medical and evolutionary research, we come up with brand new ways to enhance human performance at work, for health conscious individuals and organisations.

The Work and Walk Series is a revolutionary, active workplace design, which allows users to walk slowly and naturally, right at their desks, or during meetings, for a feeling of vitality and optimised concentration, bringing users into their flow zone faster. At the same time, it also counters the health risks associated with a lack of movement and too much sitting.

Movement is a basic human right, and a sheer necessity for optimised mental performance and long-term health.

We make it happen.


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Press Releases

Walkolution presents at Worlds leading Architecture exhibition BAU2019

Die WALK AND WORK Serie ist auf der BAU Messe 2019 in der Halle B5.308 ausgestellt und bietet einen Einblick in die neuen Möglichkeiten einer zukunftsgewandten und gesunden Arbeitsplatzgestaltung.

Uni- Bibliotheken führen Geh-Arbeitsplätze von Walkolution ein

Im Rahmen des Smart Moving Wettbewerbs  führen die Universitäten Regensburg und Bayreuth eine gesunde Alternative zum Stuhl in ihren Bibliotheken ein. Die Gewinner des Wettbewerbs erhalten einen aktiven Geh-Arbeitsplatz.

Move your mind - creative thinking empowered by walking

WALKOLUTION co-hosted a workshop with Tobias Greissing from the Center for Digital Innovation (ZDI Mainfranken) on the subject of visual thinking and visual talk as a tool for modern project management.

Walkolution presents Work and Walk Series at MEDICA 2018

Steve Jobs was known for his Walk-Meetings and most of us have probably made the experience, that a lot of good ideas come to our minds while we are walking. 

Upcoming Events

University Bayreuth, smart moving

Bayreuth, Germany, Dec 5, 2018

University Regensburg, smart moving

Regensburg, Germany, Dec 6, 2018

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